Fashion Tips for All Plus Size Ladies

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Fashion Tips for All Plus Size Ladies

So many pus size ladies across the globe have a difficult time finding fashionable clothes that will fit them perfectly and at the same time flatter their figure and thus they end up wearing very unflattering clothes like baggy t-shirts and jeans which in turn affects their self esteem greatly. However, this should not be the case as you can be stylish even if you are not that size zero or have that perfect figure. So here are five tips that you can use to get your sexy back.


Wearing the right under wear will determine greatly how your clothes will look on the outside. Number one is having the right bra; choose a bra that is a perfect fit, don’t let it be too tight or too loose. Ensure that it also has thick straps which hold on to your body perfectly. You should also invest in a nice high quality corset for those days when you want to put on that dress gorgeous dress; corsets ensure that your love handles do not show thus flattering your body more.

Avoid baggy clothes

I know that a baggy t-shirt and jeans is very tempting since they are comfortable but they do
nothing to improve your looks. Instead go for perfectly fitting clothes that hug your body properly thus flattering your body; I advice that you go for firm materials rather than stretching ones since they are better at holding you together. If you can save for a tailor made dress once in a while I assure you that your will be looking and feeling better.

Whether its bangles, a neck piece or earrings, accessories are your best friend; not only do they enhance your looks, they also instantly boost your self esteem. Pair your attire with the right accessories to give you a nice, stylish and fresh look; you should however be careful not to over accessorize since this might end up making you looking bigger than you really are.

High waist pants

Getting the right pants may not be the easiest thing, though knowing what you are looking for helps. High waist pants high waist pants make you look taller and help in clinching your waist making it look smaller. Whether they are jeans, khakis or officials ensure that they cover half of your tummy then you can pair that with a feminine t-shirt or blouse.

High heelsHigh Heel Elegant Shoes Collection for Girls 2015 (1)

Well they don’t have to be too high but a three inch heel or wedge will do the trick. A heel gives you a sexy look by making your legs look longer thus you end up looking taller and they shape your booty giving it a firm and flattering look. Heels will automatically give you a self esteem boost so they should definitely be your best friend.


In conclusion, pay attention to your general grooming take good care of your skin and hair which could also affect your look a lot. It’s always a good thing to ask your friend’s opinion if you are not sure about something though keep it in mind that you have the final say; it is your body.

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